Work with NGOs and other Organizations (Schools)
Over the years, PTRC has done significant work
with NGOs and other initiatives

Sound Steps (Previously called Naad)

Sound Steps is a centre in Mumbai, for children with a hearing disability who are either in the process of receiving a cochlea implant or have already received it. The centre provides Audiology and Auditory Verbal Therapy for these children. The mothers of these children have to deal with a number of difficulties that arise as a consequence of an extremely challenging process.

PTRC therapists work with these mothers, on a once-a-week basis, in sessions that are psychoanalytically informed in order to provide them with containment and understanding.


Aseema is an NGO in Mumbai working towards the education and welfare of street children. PTRC works with the faculty of Aseema involving a number of issues. Among the plans are to set up a full-fledged counselling centre in the school; try to build up a 'group of buddies' who volunteer to hold a multi-disciplinary team of professionals for the school, such as counsellor, social worker, paediatrician, psychiatrist, special educator, remedial teacher and therapist.

Harmony Montessori School

This school has four branches ; with children from toddlers( 1yr 10months) till the primary section (12yrs). The group was started with three teachers in July 2012. This year; the group has expanded to seven as four more teachers have joined. They are from the different branches. PTRC offers work discussions which are held once a week at the Anand Vihar branch at Khar by PTRC faculty members.

The aim of the work discussion group is to help teachers develop a deeper understanding of the underlying meaning of behaviour and the emotional factors that affect teaching and learning. The discussions also provide a space to think about their working interactions and relationships in a psychoanalytically informed way. It also provides a forum for teachers to share issues and concerns , which helps them feel validated , understood and accepted. They are encouraged to make detailed observations and to realise that projected feelings can be seen as useful communications and to realise how projections can stir up the worker and the seminar members. In turn it is hoped that they can begin to see the possibility of having a reflective space in their own minds when they are in the classroom to help their students feel contained and bring about a change in endlessly repeated patterns of thought and behaviour.

Work with Schools

PTRC has been working with Girton High School, The Alexandra Girls English Institution and Cardinal Gracious High School where our child psychotherapists offer their services to help understand and deal with emotional difficulties of children and adolescents. Supportive work is also done with parents to help them to understand their child better and suggest ways in which they could think differently about their child.

Infant Mental Health

This is a service PTRC offers ( 4-6 consultations) to families who have difficulties with their babies and young children.


Over the last decade, a series of lectures on Psychoanalytic Theory to research organizations and corporates have been conducted by PTRC members.

  1. Ms. Banu Ismail conducted a webinar with the staff of SNDT College on the 25th April 2020. Topic was "Emotional development and emotional experiences".
  2. Lectures on Psychoanalysis as part of a training module are conducted at Sinara, which is an institution that provides initial forays through short introductory sessions spanning a day to three days or even longer.
  3. Lectures on psychoanalytic theory are conducted for senior research members of Quantum Market Research at their Mumbai and Delhi offices.
  4. Lectures on psychoanalytic theory and clinical applications are held as a regular teaching series at the Nanavati College for women. The students of the Masters programme are the recipients of this series.