About PTRC

The Psychoanalytic Therapy and Research
Centre (PTRC) is an organization that has
been working in Mumbai for over 40 years


The Psychoanalytic Therapy and Research Centre (PTRC) is an organization that has been working in Mumbai for over 40 years, creating awareness about mental health issues and providing the requisite treatment to emotionally deprived and disturbed children, adults and their families.


• To offer affordable psychoanalytic psychotherapy at its two Clinics in Mumbai.

• To train and develop a core group of dedicated professionals who can offer specialist psychoanalytic psychotherapy and consultative service to those who need it.

• Outreach - To spread psychoanalytic thinking


PTRC's three Clinics - The Horniman Circle Therapy Centre (Fort), Churchgate Clinic and the PTRC Clinic (Bandra East) – are designed to help and support children, parents and adults. A team of psychoanalysts and child psychotherapists provide consultations, psychoanalytic and psycho-educational assessments, and psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic treatment (intensive and non-intensive).

The scope of the Clinics' work includes understanding difficulties in emotional relationships, helping to cope with bereavement, child abuse, communication and autistic disorders, learning disabilities, behavioural problems, eating disorders, self-harm and substance abuse in children and adults.

These are the only clinics in Mumbai that provide help with emotional difficulties through psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. They make this service accessible to people of all incomes, through fees that are structured on a sliding scale.


PTRC runs a rigorous Training Programme in Psychoanalysis and Child Psychotherapy. Students who successfully qualify as psychoanalysts through PTRC's programme gain membership to the Indian Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalytical Association.

The PTRC Training Course in Psychoanalytic Observational Studies which is an integral part of the training in Child Psychotherapy is recognized by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, London which has the distinction of being the largest Mental Health Institute in the UK.

Moreover, PTRC also offers modular courses as part of its training programmes, which have proved to be greatly beneficial to those hoping for a better understanding of human behaviour.


(The PTRC is a Public Charitable Trust, registered with the Charity Commissioner of Bombay.)