Changing Worlds
Inside - Outside

Dr. Manek Eddie Bharucha Memorial

All-India Psychoanalytic Conference

Organizer: Mumbai chapter of the Indian Psychoanalytical Society

Official Administrator: Psychoanalytic Therapy & Research Centre

  • The first two days of the Conference is open to all mental health professional
    e.g.Psychologists Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists and students in training.
  • The Public Talk on the last day is open to all.

Proposals are now invited


: CHANGING WORLDS Inside-Outside
PUBLIC TALKS           
: 1) Paper by Dr Robert Caper – "Psychoanalysis and Suggestion"
  2) Paper by Dr Howard Levine – Freud's Theory of Representation and
       the Expansion of Analytic Technique

Venue: President hotel, Mumbai
Dates: 4-6 Jan, 2019

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For Mumbai's millions the pressures of basic survival take precedence over meeting emotional and mental health needs. Moreover, lack of awareness and the social stigma attached to mental illness stops people from seeking access to appropriate treatment.

Conservative estimates reveal that over 20 million Indians are struggling to cope with mental illness. However, there is a huge gap between what is needed and what is available, both in terms of mental health services as well as trained professionals able to provide them.

The Psychoanalytic Therapy and Research Centre (PTRC) is trying in a modest way, to address both areas. PTRC has been working in Mumbai for over 40 years, creating awareness about mental health issues and providing treatment to children, adults and families.

The PTRC has three key objectives:

  • To offer affordable psychoanalytic psychotherapy at its two Clinics in Mumbai.
  • To train and develop a core group of dedicated professionals who can offer specialist psychoanalytic psychotherapy and consultative services to those who need it.
  • Community Outreach - To spread psychoanalytic thinking